Make a speech on the spot!

We had an EBULLIENT meeting on Wednesday 25th January 2017 under the efficient leadership of Toastmaster David.

We enjoyed 3 great speeches, all very different one from another. Krish delivered his 4th speech from the Competent Communication manual on what an ebullient year 2016 had been for him. Michael used effective visual aid to show us how television helped bring the brutal images of the Vietnam War into the American living-room, thus irretrievably changing public opinion on the war. Florian delivered an impromptu speech from his Advanced Manual, the topic of which was entirely decided by another member ON THE SPOT! Thus, he was asked by Sarah whether celebrities should get involved in politics, and what a cracking job he did!

Solmaz, Sarah and Christopher had the tough job of evaluating our excellent speakers. They managed to give really constructive feedback all within time. A special mention to Solmaz who stepped into the role at the very last minute!

Daniel, one of our newest members, for his first ever role, had the challenge of being Table Topic Master. He came up with a range of humorous, smart and thought-provoking subjects in the form of news headlines, and we had some extremely funny answers in return! Well done Daniel! All our Table Topics speakers were expertly evaluated by Oleksandra.

We would like to express special thanks to McVale for stepping in as Timekeeper at the last minute, after having just joined the club the day before, and Shalini as Sergeant at Arms welcoming our most valued guests.

Christophe from London Victorians gave us a most positive, yet constructive evaluation in his capacity as General Evaluator. We are glad he enjoyed the meeting, and appreciate his feedback.