Speeches heated up during our most recent meeting in April! It was heart-warming to see so many members, many of whom had just recently joined the club, and guests at St. Paul’s Speakers. Our latest meeting on Wednesday 26th April 2017 also marked an important milestone for one of our longest-standing and experienced members: David Saer, previously Club President and currently Vice President of Mentorship, announced in his educational speech his decision to leave the club in September for pastures new, after many years contributing to the club.

Speeches heat up on an unseasonably chilly late April evening

April showers bring may flowers, but what do great speeches bring?

Word of the Day

Lauren, our Grammarian, gave us EQUANIMITY as a magnificent word of the day. And “calmness and composure under pressure” was indeed what had been required, as Mikhail our Vice President of Education valiantly stepped into the breach with a last-minute speech following a string of cancellations. Digging into the Competent Communication Manual for a second time, Mikhail told us about the lack of European unity when it comes to traffic regulations, in a speech that was both informative and humorous, as well as very well-organised of course! Thank you Mikhail for stepping in. That’s what leadership is all about! Mikhail’s speech was competently and constructively evaluated by Christopher.


David, with perfect equanimity, delivered an emotional Educational Speech where he announced his decision to leave Toastmasters International in September, not before leaving us with some invaluable tips and advice on how as Toastmasters, we could all help make our journey into public speaking much more exhilarating and worthwhile by taking part, helping out and stepping up. Having served on the club committee on several occasions, including as Club President, and having represented St. Paul’s Speakers at numerous contests at Area, Division and even District levels, David truly embodies the values of a Toastmaster and has demonstrated to us all how much personal and professional growth being a Toastmaster could bring us all. We shall miss you David!

Table Topics

Rakesh, first time Table Topic Master, did a fantastic job with his 10 excellent questions on the quirkiest pieces of legislation we should consider – from banning any talk of the weather to forcing people who listen to their music too loud on their headphones in public transport to dance or sing along to their music. And did you know that the Salmon Act 1986 prohibits you from handling a salmon in suspicious circumstances? Our 10 brave table topic speakers were far from being intimidated and went all for it! Gavin had the Herculean task of evaluating 10 speakers in a limited amount of time, which he did with equanimity and verve and within time! Agata deservedly won the Best Table Topic Award.

Special Thanks!

Huge thanks to Lydia who stepped into the role of Sergeant at Arms for the first time, having just recently joined our club, to Krish who stepped into the role of General Evaluator for the first time and gave us oodles of constructive feedback to help us improve as a club, and to Bashir who stepped into the role of Timekeeper for the first time too!

And of course thanks to Lauren our Grammarian for a most wonderful word of the day!

Check out a few of our new members below 🙂