25-July-18 | What a way to ‘alleviate’ a tough working day…

London Toastmasters | 25-July-18

25-July-18 was a meeting unlike most… 
London St Paul’s Speakers Toastmasters club (London Toastmasters Club) held another fabulous meeting of Public Speaking on Wednesday 25-July-18, here follows the highlights:

This Wednesday marked the first meeting of St Paul’s Speakers’ new President, Rakesh.

He came to the stage brimming with confidence and charisma that he brings to every meeting and introduced our toastmaster for the evening Kash.

Kash bounced onto the stage with enthusiasm and charm. This was Kash’s first time as Toastmaster but his energy and composure, you would have been forgiven for thinking he was a Toastmaster veteran. He introduced the Functionaries, Tom as Timekeeper and Lewis as Grammarian (who then later stepped in as Sargent at Arms).

Tom gave us concise reports of every speaker; great for those who that kept to their allotted time and for those who took a little too long, some food for thought.

Lewis, in his Grammarian role; gave us the word of the day; ‘alleviate’. In his report, he was pleased to note it was used three times, even by a guest at Table Topics in what was her first ever Toastmasters meeting! He kept track of filler words used by the speakers and evaluators so that they can be aware of these habits and address that and continue their improvement. He also gave us a commentary of interesting uses of language, both in terms of clever techniques and other phrases that just stuck a chord with him.

Our first Speaker of the meeting was Christelle, who told us why she has deleted Facebook, and is now looking to engage with ‘Real life friends’ not just Facebook friends.

Caroline was next up with an account of how a bad-break up nearly cost her her best friend. Caroline concluded a revealing account with such a poignant message – ‘Due to all the circumstances that led to my friend meeting her husband, none of their happiness would have happened if I didn’t have my heart broken.’ Her story touched a lot of the audience… as was discovered after the meeting at The Pub!

The final Speech was delivered by Adam who gave us a guide to Corporate Failure, rich with real-life examples of those who have failed spectacularly. He set up a clear structure and gave a robust delivery which parodied the inspirational styles of self-improvement you can find on Ted Talks.
Lewis returned to the stage as Sergeant at Arms and welcomed the guests to share their favourite thing about Summer. With so many guests, there were a couple of repeat answers like “the long days” and “going out for beers and wine” which were met with hums of approval.

After the break, the first evaluation up was Pedro, who gave an organised and accomplished evaluation on Chrystelle’s ‘Facebook speech’, with a commanding tone and valuable recommendations.

Sarah evaluated Caroline’s speech and provided enlightening assessment. Sarah analysed the techniques which were present in Caroline’s speech and those which could be used to greater effect for Caroline to accentuate the heart of her message.

Rakesh, the President (also dual-roling this evening) evaluated Adam’s speech on Corporate failure. His analysis was sharp with critique but rich in praise, and delivered in a style that matched Adam’s own enthusiastic performance.

Anthony, as Table Topics Master, gave us a wonderful spin on the Toastmaster tradition; giving each speaker an obscure word for them to define as they believed the word to be. Three guests who were brand new to Toastmaster gave Table Topics a go and all done extremely well. And whilst there were accomplished performances from the St Pauls Speaker’s members, plaudits went to the fourth guest Andy from London Victorians, with his mischievous anecdote of his friends performing the ‘Lolygag.”

Chris, St Paul’s outgoing president, gave a technically encouraging Table Topic evaluation. Commending all which was fun and impressive from the speakers, with everyone taking something away to improve for next time.

Our general Evaluator followed his starring role in Table Topics with a valuable assessment on St Paul’s Speakers. Realising the meeting was running a little over, he trimmed his evaluation so that the meeting would finish on time. With minimal notes at a commanding stage presence, Andy highlighted the energy and venue of the meeting as strong commendations – sentiments that were echoed by the guests.

Overall, a meeting filled with energy and enthusiasm which was then taken to the pub to revel in the fun some more!

If you would like to see what makes St Paul’s Speakers so special, please attend our next meeting on 8th August 2018.

This happens to be a special meeting, where we are delighted to welcome Fabio de Sio, District 91 Speech Champion, to our club. Fabio will deliver both his Semi-Final and Final Speech to the club ahead of the World Finals in Chicago! St Paul’s Speakers belongs to District 91, so it’s a great chance to see your champion in the flesh!