27-June-18 | Reflections, eloquence and a moment of Zen with no “dilly dallying”!

London Toastmasters | 27-June-18

27-June-18 was a meeting unlike most… 

London St Paul’s Speakers Toastmasters club (London Toastmasters Club) held another fabulous meeting on Wednesday 27-June-18, here follows the highlights:

Our President Chris, quick wittingly took on the Toastmaster role and eased the meeting flow with his colourful selection of headwear changes!

Our Timekeeper Allesandro (from a Toastmasters club in Rotterdam) kindly stepped into the role due to last minute absenteeism. He commanded the stage well and detailed perfect timings.

We were treated to 4 amazing speakers:

Michelle brought into being our inner zen with her relaxing speech on Yoga.
Khash reflected on how we see the world in new and differing perspectives.
Sarah Beckworth truly brought to life the joy and prominence of language, ameliorating our range of words.
Rax encouraged an end to procrastination prompting you all to pencil in a date for your next speech!

Marvellous evaluations by Sarah Hawkins, Lewis, Robyn and Ashvin who all gave positive examples on how each speaker could implement improvements.

Sarah Hawkins conducted a very witty table topic session, inviting each speaker to elaborate and explain their take on the meaning of forgotten words/phrases in bygone days. Our table topics speakers gave us their witty take on each word including a “monkeys wedding”!

Myra as grammarian offered a fabulous word of the day ‘filibuster’ meaning “an action such as prolonged speaking which obstructs progress in a legislative assembly in a way that does not technically contravene the required procedures.” She treated the audience with a detailed “um and ahh” count for all our speakers. In addition to reminiscing noteworthy uses of grammar and metaphorical devices.

Our General Evaluator, Marti Canal, delivered an exemplar and systematic detailed overview of the club and all functionary roles. Providing some valuable advice on how we might prepare the stage a little differently in future meetings. We thank him graciously for attending our club.

Closing and final notes by our President Chris gave rise to pastures new. Marked by having graciously served his term and momentously handing over the official medallion to Rakesh who will be your new Club President from July.


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