AWESOME speeches and TONS of Table Topics

Last week’s meeting – Oct 11, 2017

At our last meeting we had two amazing speeches from various parts of the Competent Communicator’s manual and one speech coming from an advanced manual.

Christopher Walker kicked things off by doing the President’s Introduction, followed by the introduction of Catherine Able-Thomas as Toastmaster. Catherine expertly explained the schedule for the evening and outlined next steps. Nisha Kagdadia explained his role as the timekeeper, followed by Ravi Kaskana describing the role of Grammarian.


  • To start, Bashir Ali kicked things off with a fascinating speech titled “On Money & Magic”. This speech was #2 in the Competent Communication Manual – Organise Your Speech. He did a great job meeting the objectives, creating a strong opening and conclusion and following a clear outline.
  • Next up, Roxanna Zea followed Bashir and told us the fascinating story of her journey to the southernmost Royal Mail office, far from the prying eyes of civilization. Roxanna’s speak was #4 from the Competent Communication Manual – How to Say It. She created vivid images for us to engage with and communicated her ideas clearly, using rhetorical devices to enhance ideas.
  • Finally, the last speech came from Christopher Walker, giving us a lesson in Orienteering. The speech was from the advanced manual “Speaking to Inform #3 – The Demonstration Talk”. He did a fantastic job showing us the ropes of orienteering and describing a complex topic clearly.

Bringing everything together

After three wonderful speeches, we had a great session of Table Topics. For those of you who need a quick reminder, Table Topics are impromptu speeches. The purpose of the Table Topics section is to help members think on their feet and speak on a given subject for between one and two minutes. It also allows speaking opportunities for those who are not programmed for other roles on the Agenda. The Table Topics Master this evening was McVal Osborne, who doubled as our Sergeant at Arms and helped the new guests feel welcome by inviting them to take part in the impromptu speeches.