A Barrrel of Laughs – St Pauls’ Speakers’ Competition Time!

Members and guests to St Paul’s Speakers witnessed a competition of the highest calibre, as they held their annual Humorous Speech and Table Topic Contestants. In a packed schedule with a full roster of 5 speeches and 8 table topics; it’s of a testament to all the competitors that the laughs kept coming throughout the night.

The competition chair was for the Humorous Speech Contest was Caroline, whose assurance and confidence kept the pace and energy between the transitions of the speakers being welcomed to the stage.

First up was Adam, who regaled of his former passion for dancing… despite having little discernable talent on the dancefloor. Upon this realisation, he then began to shy away from that self expression at every opportunity; he now never lets loose on the dancefloor… not even on his Wedding Day!

Next was Michelle, who as a confessed beauty fanatic, endured a weekend of camping for a mother-daughter bonding session. In her speech, she managed to find the funny side of what she and the campmaster would class as “survival essentials”; although it definitely wasn’t funny at the time!

Sarah Beckwith then recalled a how the climb up Machu Pichu was described as a ‘three out of five’ out of difficulty… yet her tales throughout that experience suggested anything from it! Moments to sit down were regularly exploited across the grueling trek, with Sarah delivering a stern warning for people to think twice about a ‘three out of five’ difficulty level!

Ling delivered a charming account of her life, from the pressures from her parents to her first steps in public speaking. Such an honest portrayal with wit and laughter at every turn, the audience was enthralled by her story.

Lewis shared some tales of his friends “Al Cohol” and “Ang Over,” and how one night of heavy drinking cause him to fall and hurt himself, be late for work and have the police called to his house!

Ling came first, with Lewis and Adam coming second and third respectively.
After Then were the Table Topics, Sarah Hawkins acted as chair and gave the contestants this topic to ponder: “What day in your life would you like to relive.

Kash gave an honest account of how he had actually had an arranged marriage described to the audience that unique day with wit and humour.

Caroline, departing from her first role as contest chair, recalled her excitement when, on her 13th birthday, her mum allowed Caroline her first sip of cider… she found it so disgusting that she’s never touched the drink again since!

Lewis gave a heartfelt account of how one of his School-day Public Speaking Wins was tainted somewhat by getting into a fight with a bully the next day. But it was in the moment of receiving the award at the school assembly in front of his peers, and how the feeling of acceptance was one he cherished.

Lewis claimed first Place, with Caroline and Kash picking up Second Place and Third Place Respectively. A great testament to all Table Topic contestants that there were no disqualifications.

The competition was a great success and great thanks go to club President Rakesh. Whilst the President couldn’t be there in person, he rallied to ensure the club had enough judges (a total of nine) and that members who were indicisive about competing took part… including the winner Ling! Also, many thanks to the guest judges, timekeepers and ballett counters who made the evening possible.

The Area Competition will be held on Monday 15 October at Cass Business School, 106 Bunhill Row, London EC1Y 8TZ, United Kingdom. at 6.30pm. Please come along and support Ling and Lewis, as well as an opportunity to the the funniest speeches and sharpest improvisers Area C has to offer!