A Newsworthy Evening at St Paul’s Speakers

St Paul’s speakers once again put on a splendid evening with many great public speakers taking the stage.

The meeting began with Allessandro acting as Sergeant at Arms, coolly going through the housekeeping and then welcomed president Rakesh to the stage.

In typical Rakesh style, he bounced onto the stage with energy and enthusiasm as he kicked off the meeting in style.

The toastmaster for the evening was Adam, and with great charisma and style he managed the meeting with aplomb.

The first of the functionaries was the timekeeper, Ricardo, who arrived late for the meeting, but just tin time to get to the stage. He compared speeches to subway sandwiches; they can’t be too short otherwise you’ll be unsatisfied and nor can they too long or you’ll feel bloated!

Next up was the grammarian Sarah Beckwith, who introduced the role succinctly and when she delivered her report; she highlighted all the interesting language used throughout the evening.

The first speaker was Robyn. who delivered her icebreaker. She gave us an insight to the lives and careers of her grandmother, her mother and herself. She spoke with warmth and energy which was infectious.

The second speaker was Christelle, who explored how hair and how people perceive different types of hair spoke volumes of inequality and suppression in parts of the world. She commanded the stage and delivered an impassioned performance.

The final speaker of the evening  was Alex, who persuaded us that in order to achieve, we need to improve our skills to reach success. With reams of enthusiasm and energy, Alex speech went down as a success.

Just before the break, Allessandro returned to the stage to welcome the guests which he did with composure, despite there being 12 guests to the club.

After the break we had the evaluators and first up was Anthony evaluating Robyn. He commended on all the great items in her Icebreaker, with some pointers on how to improve as she continues her Toastmasters journey.

Lewis evaluated Christelle, who praised her intriguing subject matter and gave some notes on she could add more emphasis to her message.

The final evaluator was Sarah Hawkins evaluating Alex, who accompanied commendations with thought provoking recommendations to help Alex elevate his status as a speaker further.

The next part of the evening was Table Topics, orchestrated by Tom. He had a cheeky grin throughout as he gave us ‘Newspaper’ themed Table Topics and that enthusiasm spread through to the audience and the speakers.

Notable speakers include Sarah Hawkins whose front page story was a failed Everest Hike in the company of an ex-boyfriend, Lewis‘ ideal holiday if her were a mouse would be in Paris like the film Ratatouille and Martin he said that it’s okay for men to weak bikinis… just maybe not if you’re going to meet the queen.

Rakesh was back to the stage to evaluate the table topic speakers; and he managed to evenly balance commendations and recommendations for every one of the many speakers.

The general evaluator for the evening was Frank Milani, who had been listening intently and had plenty of praise for those who hadn’t been evaluated.

Congratulations to Alex and Christelle, Rakesh and Sarah Hawkins who were the winners on the evening for Best Speaker, Best Evaluator and Best Table Topics respectively. All in all, another excellent evening at St Paul’s Speakers.