Four Speeches and WOULD YOU RATHER?

Last week’s meeting – October 25, 2017

At our last meeting we had four amazing speeches from various parts of the Competent Communicator’s manual.
Christopher Walker kicked things off by doing the President’s Introduction, followed by the introduction of Florian Bay as Toastmaster. Florian expertly explained the schedule for the evening and outlined next steps. Chris then came back on stage to explain his role as the timekeeper.  Lewis Kyriacou then discussed his role as Grammarian.


  1. To start, Katie Aird kicked things off with a heartfelt and emotionally charged speech titled “My Journey to Toastmasters”. This speech was her first since joining the club (#1 Ice Breaker). She did a fantastic job meeting the objectives, introducing herself to the group and connecting with the audience while avoiding the use of notes.
  2. Next up, John Wooller told us the story of his journey to seeking gainful employment in the UK since moving back from Australia. John’s speech was #2 from the Competent Communication Manual – Organise Your Speech. He created strong structure for us to engage with and communicated his ideas clearly, using movement to enhance his ideas.
  3. Third, McVal Osborne spoke to us about success and personal motivation with a speech titled “How a 30 minute habit can change your whole life”. McVal’s speech had a clear structure and provided a problem, strategy and solution to a project that all of us face: how to wake up early in the morning.
  4. Finally, the last speech came from Solmaz Jarchlou, giving us a fascinating look into brain function in a speech titled “Brain in Love”. The speech was #6 from the Competent Communication Manual – Vocal Variety. She did a fantastic job describing the topic and linking together examples to show how love is a universal experience for all of humanity.

Bringing everything together with ‘Would You Rather?’

After four amazing speeches, we had a great session of Table Topics led by Jamie Hamer. For those of you who need a quick reminder, Table Topics are impromptu speeches. The purpose of the Table Topics section is to help members think on their feet. Each person speaks on a given subject for between one and two minutes. It also allows speaking opportunities for those who are not programmed for other roles on the Agenda. This evening’s theme was “Would You Rather?” – in which Jamie provided all of those who took part with a question that they needed to respond to off the cuff.