Like it! Make a speech of it! – 12th August

In last Wednesday’s meeting Avi performed the role of Toastmaster with calm confidence, providing a fun evening which was well attended by club members, and guests alike. Helen was the timekeeper of the evening, juggling the role with also being an evaluator; and Dani was the grammarian, introducing an excellent word of the day, “indomitable”.

The first speech was Trisha’s “icebreaker”. Trisha told us part of her fascinating life, of her experience living in exciting places s…uch as New York and Trinidad, but nothing coming close to her love of Paris. The next speaker was James, doing his eighth speech, which is all about using visual aids. James used visual slides as part of his speech, looking at the power of body language, persuading people to use their bodies to change the way they think and feel. Sarah was next up, also doing her eighth speech with another visual slide presentation, this time on Ice Hockey, persuading us of the merits over football – after all, there are more goals, more action and more fun to ice hockey – though Sarah made clear that hockey is not for the faint hearted.

And the crowd goes wild by Sarah!
And the crowd goes wild by Sarah!

After the break came the evaluations. Dennis congratulating Trisha on an engaging icebreaker speech and the confidence with which she delivered it, noting that we look forward to hearing the next one. Helen was the next evaluator, commending the speech and making recommendations on the visual aids. Florian evaluated Sarah’s speech, commending it on Sarah’s calm confidence and also making recommendations on visual aids used.

Caroline hosted the table topics session, which were based on the sites of the city of London, such as St Paul’s Cathedral, Guildhall, and Tower Bridge. With this fun table topic idea, Caroline asked speakers to pretend that they are the tour guide speaking about one of the sites, or else giving speakers the opportunity to just tell a story about the site. Mikhail did a thorough evaluation of the speakers – there were some really imaginative and very amusing speeches, and many of the guests took part, one of whom won best table topic.

The other winners of the evening were Sarah (for her speech) and Dennis (for his evaluation).

Before finishing, Dani gave his grammarian report, congratulating the meeting on the language used and reminding us of the importance of people using the word of the day.

Ayse was the general evaluator of the evening (from Clerkenwell speakers). Ayse gave an amusing and engaging report on her experience viewing the events of the evening, as well as giving evaluations for all those who had not yet been evaluated. She congratulated the club on the laid back and fun atmosphere.

Thanks to everyone who came for making it such an fun evening!