Meeting on 26 September 2018

St Pauls Speakers once again hosted an evening public speaking fun and excellence.

Assuming responsibility for President, in the absence of Rakesh, was Sarah Hawkins; who commanded the stage and set the tone perfectly for the evening’s events.

Due to a Tube Strike on the Picadilly Line delaying the Toastmaster, Sarah Hawkins as acting president introduced the first functionary; Anthony as Timekeeper. Not only did he acutely explain the importance of a meeting running to time, throughout the evening he gave accurate reports and context as whether speeches met the Green Light, Yellow Light or red light.

Then, having persevered through the worst of the strike, Sarah Beckwith came to the stage as Toastmaster and handled the rest of the evening with accomplishment and ease, putting the speakers and the audience in complete comfort.

The Grammarian for the evening was Karl, who gave an idea of the interesting uses of language he would be keeping an eye out for, as well as counting the ‘ums’ and ‘ahs.’

The first speaker was Myra, delivering her Icebreaker. She told us a story of a childhood trip to Wales across “The Wobbly Bridge.’ An insight into a holiday without the iPads and consoles that would accompany children today, Myra delivered with an enthusiastic tone throughout.

Sarah Hawkins returned to the stage as the second speaker of the evening, delivering her (long overdue) Icebreaker Speech. She used the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to butterfly as a metaphor of how transform your life of one of trouble into one of happiness. Accompanied with an identifiable structure and deliberate stage movements, Sarah delivered a relatable and entertaining speech.

Michelle delivered a master class in how to become a millionaire, emphasising the importance of commitment to a single goal and eradicating any time that does not meet that objective. With a clear structure and commanding tone, Michelle gave the audience tools to go away and make improvements in pursuit of millions.

The final speaker of the evening was Sergey, who gave a speech on the impending impact on Artificial Intelligence. Having researched the topic well, Sergey delivered his material confidently to the audience.

Lisa was the Sergeant at Arms for the evening and, as a brand new member to St Pauls Speakers, welcomed all the guests with charm and when asking them to introduce themselves, she did so in a friendly and inviting way.

After the break we had the evaluators.

First up was Anthony (temporarily stepping away from timekeeping) who evaluated Myra’s speech. In what was Anthony’s first evaluation, he gave sound recommendations and encouraging commendations for Myra to implement in Project 2.

Ling evaluated Sarah’s speech and gave plenty of commendations in what was an excellent speech, as well as recommending Sarah give diligent consideration for time allocated to different sections of the speech.

Returning to the stage for her third role was Sarah Hawkins to evaluate Michelle. Articulately structured and packed with great technical observations, there was plenty of Michelle to take into her next speech.

Finally was Lewis who evaluated Sergey’s speech. He commended Sergey on the structure of his speech with some recommendations to bring his well researched topic to life even more.

Table Topic Master for the evening was Robyn, who gave the speakers obscure headlines from newspapers she had encountered in the previous week.

With a plethora of guests taking to the stage, all of whom taking to the stage with a lot of heart and enthusiasm, the winner was the newest member to St Paul’s Speakers Lisa. Lisa spoke naturally on her topic with composure and humour.

The General Evaluator was Jamie Hamer, a former member of St Pauls Speakers. Unaided by notes, Jamie spoke powerfully into the space giving the club and it’s member insightful feedback on what was great and what could be done even better.

In addition to Lisa, Table topic Winner, a special congratulations go to Sarah Hawkins who won both Best Speaker and Best Evaluator of the night.
We look forward to seeing our returning members and welcome guests for our next meeting on Wednesday 10th October.