St Pauls Rolls out the Red Carpet for Oscar Inspired evening of Public Speaking

This Wednesday 22-Aug-18, St Paul’s Speakers rolled out the Red Carpet for an Oscar Inspired Evening of Public Speaking.
Opening the proceedings was Rinat, Sergeant at Arms; who completed the house-keeping elements of the role with aplomb. This added an air of formality as she welcomed Rakesh, the club President to the stage.

Rakesh, took to the stage with confidence and spoke of his love of movies; embracing the Oscar-themed evening set by the Toastmaster
The Toastmaster for the evening was Lewis, who donned a Tuxedo jacket and Bow-tie, as if he were indeed hosting the academy awards. He kept the energy high whenever it was his turn to take to the stage and when introducing a new speaker, he commented on their favourite Oscar winner and fed it into that person’s personality and public speaking journey.

Alessendro was the time keeper, or as put by Lewis, post-production editor. He gave the speakers concise reports of every speaker; commending those who that kept to their allotted time and for those who took a little too long, notes to take way and improve.

Robyn was charming in the role Grammarian; with her beaming smile putting the audience in safe hands as she explained her role. Her report noted al the intriguing use of language which was used throughout the evening.

Pedro was the first speaker to the stage and delivered his Ice-Breaker; who spoke about the fear of death. His voice was bold and his use of story-telling expertly set the scene; bringing it to life for the audience.

The next speaker, also delivering their Ice-Breaker, was Tom; who spoke about his love of Cricket. Enthusiastic and Honest, he told the audience of how he was introduced to it, as well as delving into some of the unusual jargon found in the peculiar sport.

The final speech was delivered by Chris who shared an anecdote of the perils of poor communication. He moved across the stage purposefully and his use of a prop added another level to the humour.

Rinat was back to the stage with his welcoming of the guests, which he did with aplomb especially as he only joined as a member the week before!

After the break came the evaluations and, in a change to the schedule, Kash evaluated Tom’s speech on Cricket. Whilst Kash confessed that he didn’t like Cricket himself, he commended Tom on his ability to engage with the audience on a subject that, for Kash at least, had little interest in.

Caroline, who came to the rescue in a frantic change of scheduling, evaluated Pedro’s icebreaker. Her sincerity shone through and gave numerous commendations whilst providing recommendations for Pedro to work on.

Michelle evaluated Chris and weaved in the Oscar-theme into her evaluation, linking commendations and recommendations to elements of a movie. Whilst it was a witty performance, Michelle packed it with plenty of technical assessment to be an excellent evaluation in its own right.

Rakesh came back to the stage in the role of Table Topic Master. He kept in line with the Oscar-Theme by selecting his topics around lines from films or to take a famous film and cater it to a different audience. 10 topics were delivered but special mentions go to Ling and Guest Ashley:

Ling as asked which friend would she like to eat for dinner, the line taken from Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs. Clearly not a fan of the topic she was made to do, the friend she decided to consume was the Table Topic Master himself, Rakesh!

Ashley, a guest to St Paul’s Speakers, explained how he could turn Rambo into a female friendly film. He likened Rambo’s war paint to that of a woman putting her make-up on for a night on the town, and he embodied such a woman with flair that had the audience in heaps of laughter.
Sarah Hawkins, as Table-Topic Evaluator, gave articulate feedback for every speaker who took to the stage. Her commendations were rich with enthusiasm and her commendations insightful.

Finally The General Evaluator, Niels, did an excellent job. With minimal notes, he delivered a commanding assessment where his voice carried through the entire space.

To close the meeting, Rakesh came back to the stage and maintained the high energy present through the evening as closed the meeting in a comprehensive manner.

The winners of the evening were Pedro, Michelle and Ashley for the Speech, Evaluation and Table Topic performances respectively.

In a return to the traditional format, St Paul’s Speakers once again proved its value of being a friendly and welcoming club, with members feeling excited to attend the next meeting and guests feeling enthused to return to St Paul’s Speakers – The friendliest Toastmasters Club in London!