What comes next? Getting the most out of St. Paul’s Speakers in the New Year

What comes next?

Hi everyone! Here we are in July and we’ve already gotten off to a fantastic start of the new Toastmasters Year. At the end of June, I was given the opportunity to help lead the club as our new president. We’ve got a great team, and am excited to have the been given the opportunity to serve the club over the course of the next year. We can’t wait to work with many more of of my fellow St. Paul’s Speakers!



Last Meeting!

The first meeting of July EPITOMIZED the type of high-quality gathering we hope to emulate going forward throughout the year. Epitomize was the wonderful word of the day offered by our Grammarian Kashrul, who did a great job tracking language usage throughout. Our meeting was lead by our capable and talented Toastmaster for the evening, Florian Bay, who managed to get everyone energized by leading the group in a vocal warm-up at the beginning of the meeting. One of our newest members, Anthony, did a fantastic job as Timekeeper throughout the meeting, make sure to keep everyone on task and on time.

We witnessed two wonderful speeches during our last meeting, giving us great examples of Speech #2 from the Competent Communication Manual – Organise Your Speech. The first speech came from Roxanna Zea, who spoke about the importance of learning a new instrument with a beautiful speech about her journey towards learning the violin. The next speech came from Ling Luo with a powerful speech about how sometimes communication is about much more than the words that you choose to use. It was a perfect meeting to showcase the benefits of Toastmasters and its impact on people, both as speakers and human beings.

Our Sergeant at Arms of the evening was Bashir, who introduced guests and managed this crucial role with great confidence. Our Table Topic Master Sarah kept the audience and potential speakers on their toes with a range of topics related to old sayings – challenging us to decide whether they were antiquated notions or important life lessons! Our speakers, both members and guests, all got the audience engaged.

Important Dates

Impromptu Speaking Workshop! (August 30)

Get your diaries out! 30th August 2017 will be our next 5th Wednesday meeting of the month and new President Christopher Walker has already lined up a great workshop on Table Topics by expert Paul Caroll who will show us all that there is a real art to impromptu speaking. This workshop will be all the more befitting ahead of the club Humorous Speech & Table Topics Contest in early September!

Humorous Speech & Table Topics Contest (September 13)

Think about entering the contest or helping out as functionaries. Watch this space for more details from Chris. The event is on Wednesday, 13th September 2017.

Of course, please do use Easy Speak to sign up for speeches and roles. St. Paul’s Speakers needs you!

Contest Night – 28th September

What an amazing evening we had on Wednesday 28th September 2016! The club held its first competitive event of the Toastmasters Year, the Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contests.

Thien Trang opening up the meeting
Thien Trang opening the meeting

Under the leadership of Contest Chair Caroline Morgan, Christopher Walker, Michael Holmes and David Saer delivered their delightful speeches in the Humorous Speech Contest, ranging from travel mishaps to Donald Trump via the joys of being grumpy. The contestants were anything but grumpy, and filled the room with laughter.

Michael taking part in the humorous speech contest
Michael taking part in the humorous speech contest

Five contestants competed to deliver the wittiest Table Topic in response to Contest Chair Sarah Beckwith’s tricky question: “What advice would you give to your 10-year-old self?” Without any prior preparation, our valiant contestants came up with the most wonderful thoughts, from childhood Christmas memories to musings about the lasting power of friendship via some important life lessons.

All the contestants were judged by some prominent fellow Toastmasters from other London clubs, some of whom were first-time visitors to St. Paul’s Speakers. We feel genuinely privileged to have such an array of distinguished members assisting our club contest!

The brilliant David Saer won BOTH contests, and will be representing St. Paul’s Speakers at the Area 33 Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contests on Tuesday 4th October 2016!

David winners of both contests!
David winners of both contests!

Congratulations to all of the contestants for their participation. Without them, there would have been no contest, and they all helped make the evening an uproarious one! A HUGE thank-you to our Contest Chairs, Time Keepers, Ballot Counters and Sergeant At Arms who demonstrated admirable leadership and organisational skills, as well as their commitment to the club by stepping up and lending the club a helping hand. And A HUGE thank-you of course to all members and guests who came to the meeting, for the fun and the inspiration.