The Art of Evaluation

St Paul’s Speakers were proud to welcome Tazud Miah to the club for their last meeting. The 2017 Evaluation District Champion delivered a workshop which inspired the members to give some stellar evaluations.

Before the meeting began, Tom Dury took to the stage as Sergeant at Arms. He clearly stated the housekeeping requirements and authoritatively brought the audience to quiet in order to begin the meeting, as he welcomed the President.

President Rakesh, after a month’s hiatus, came to the stage with confidence and charisma which set the tone for a great meeting.

Rakesh introduced Toastmaster for the evening, Caroline, whose confidence came through and immediately had the audience at ease.

She welcomed Timekeeper Michelle who would give the speakers concise timing reports; commending those who that kept to their allotted time and for those who took a little too long, notes to take away and improve.

The Grammarian of the evening was Myra, whose natural delivery put the audience in safe hands as she explained her role. Her report noted al the intriguing use of language which was used throughout the evening.

Caroline then welcomed the First Speaker, Tazud, to deliver an educational speach on evaluations. With the use of a projector and enlisting an unexpecting member of the audience to do an impromptu table topic, his speech was relevant and entertaining for all audience members, including guests who hadn’t been to Toastmasters previously. He packed his speech with lots of technical content which the evaluators of the night would then implement.

The next speaker was Chris, who spoke on different types of leadership. Chris’ conversational tone was welcoming on audience ears as he gave personal examples of leaders he had experienced in his life.

The third speaker was Kash, whose speech centred on beginning with the end in mind. The message of his speech was about always having a purpose with whatever you do, and his impassioned delivery conveyed that message throughout.

Tom returned to the stage to invite guests to introduce themselves. He asked them to state their favourite fruit; a question which sparked unexpected controversy as one guest stated ‘Kiwi’ to the horror of another guest as it later transpired that she was allergic to the exotic fruit.  That type of welcoming question was perfect to get guests out of their shell.

After the break, Anthony had the unenviable task of evaluating a speech on giving evaluations. Nonetheless, he succeeded in providing sound technical insights into what worked well about Taz’s speech and managed to pick out some recommendations.

Next was James who gave a relaxed delivery on Chris speech. He also added some context saying that it had been years since he had seen he had seen Chris deliver a speech which was a nice touch for new members and guests to see that perseverance with Toastmasters can yield great results!

Finally was Rakesh, who in his evaluation, embodied the passion present in Kash’s speech. He commended Kash on his delivery and stage presence, but challenged him to add more highs and lows, so that the speech followed more of a rollercoaster ark.

Table topic Master for the evening was Sarah Hawkins whose theme centered around memories. It was a great topic for members and guests alike and a special mention goes to Ricardo.

Ricardo recalled a recent memory of celebration; flying over to Ireland and a study-cramming session in order to pass the Irish Law Bar exam, so that he would still be an EU qualified Lawyer post-Brexit… an impressive feat recalled to the audience with an equally impressive delivery!

Tazud returned to the stage to give a masterful general evaluation, free from using notes he gave his observations to the club as whole and those yet to be evaluated. With an eloquent delivery and measured insights, Tazud gave a great reflection on what was a great evening.

The winners of the evening were Kash, Rakesh and Ricardo for Speech, Evaluation and Table Topics respectively.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 24th October. It will be the last meeting before our very own Lewis Kyriacou represents St Pauls Speakers and Area C in the Table Topics Contest at Division. If you’re thinking about attending St Pauls Speakers as a guest come along on 24h October!