The Grammarian is in charge of all things to do with language during the meeting.  They have three main aims:

1. Introduce a word of the day.
2. Make a note of good and unusual use of language.
3. Pick up on ways use of grammar could be improved.

Key Skills: Listening, Summarising, Technical Knowledge

Top Tips:

  • Find a word of the day that is interesting but easy enough to incorporate into everyday language.
  • Try to use technical descriptions of good grammar, e.g. alliteration, metaphors, etc.
  • Make positive recommendations as to how speakers could improve language skills, e.g. with examples, instead of saying it like x, you could try constructing the sentence as per y.


Using filler words is something speakers may not realise they are doing unless it is pointed out to them.  The ah-counter tallies up how many times speakers use filler words (this role can be combined with the Grammarian).

Key Skills: Listening, Summarising

Top Tips:

  • Use resources to help you count, such as the ah-counter log.
  • Look out for any words that a speaker overuses, not just “ums” and “ahs”.  It could be “and”, “now”, “so”, “you know”.
  • Consider grouping the number of filler words to soften the blow if some people have quite a number, e.g. those with less than 5, 5-10, more than 10 as appropriate.