Members’ Area

(Work in progress, this page is being constructed)

  • EasySpeak  | (
    At our club, we use an automated system to book speeches and meeting roles called “EasySpeak”. We at SPS do not own this system, it is external and shared by a number of other Toastmasters clubs. Please see the EasySpeak section
  • Toastmasters International  | (
    The global HQ website for all toastmasters members, you will have your own unique profile here. This is independent of our club, indeed you maybe a member of multiple clubs.
  • |  (
    Our club has a listing on Meetup where you will find future meeting events. Please ask guests to RSVP so that we may more easily contact them after a meeting.
  • Facebook |  (
    Facebook page for our club. Please do Like us!
  • LinkedIn  | (
    Company LinkedIn page for our club. Please feel free to add a new job entry to your personal profile and select [St Paul’s Speakers (Toastmasters Club)] as the company name.
    You could choose “Public Speaker and Member” as your job title and describe how SPS has benefited your business and personal communication skills.
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  • Club page on EventBrite where events are listed.

Club Committee

  • President
    Rakesh Patel
  • Vice President of Education (VPE)
    Sarah Hawkins
  • Vice President of Public Relations (VPPR)
    Lewis Kyriacou
  • Vice President of Membership (VPM)
    Christelle Ngambula
  • Sargent at Arms (SAA)
    Kash Hussain
  • Treasurer
    Florian Bay
  • Vice President of Mentorship
    Anthony Grice
  • Immediate Past President
    Chris Walker

WhatsApp Group

  • We operate a club WhatsApp group for members only called “SPS Members”.
  • By joining this group you can easily keep in touch with other members. We also post news items and Agenda updates.
  • Please contact one of the committee members who will add you to this group. Please note by doing so you opt in to disclose your telephone number to other members of the WhatsApp group.

How to request a speech slot or perform a meeting role

  • We use an automated system called “EasySpeak”, Please use this link:
  • The website gives you full access to all meeting agendas and facilities to book in speeches and roles for future meetings.
  • The Vice President of Education (Sarah Hawkins) will authorise your requests taking into account the schedule for all members.
  • We aim to run a fair policy where all members have an equal opportunity to speak.
  • Meeting roles are crucial to the running of the club and for your communication journey, please do step up and proactively book in roles. Roles are great way to break up your speech slots, whilst providing an opportunity to build your skills. Please see the Meeting roles section.

How to login to EasySpeak ( and reset passsword

  • Please use this link:
  • Registration – this should have been completed when you became a member. Contact any member of the committee if you have not been emailed login instructions.
  • Password reset – You can do this on the website, simply click on the “I forgot my password” link on the login page. If you do not have access to your email account, then please contact a committee member who can change the email for you.

Meeting roles, what are they and where can I find help?

  • The success of a club meeting depends on the program participants. In Toastmasters, you learn by participating. There are many roles to fill and all meeting participants play an important part in making the club experience educational and enjoyable.
  • Please refer to our Meeting Roles section