Membership (not for profit club)

Who can join?

Membership of St Paul’s Speakers is open to anyone interested in developing their communication and leadership skills. We encourage all potential members to come along to a few meetings of our club as a guest for free (as well as trying other clubs) to ensure the fit is right. Speak to our members and find out about their experiences and why they love the club.

How much does it cost?

Club fees are set by the Club Committee (currently reduced price £78 for 6 months) and due for payment on a pro-rata basis every six months (Apr-Sep and Oct-Mar). Part of the fee goes to the international organisation and part is retained by the club for paying for meeting venues and administration. We are a not for profit club and so all proceeds go towards club operations only.

In addition, if this is the first Toastmasters club you have joined, there is a one-off fee of £20 which covers the cost of your Manuals. For confirmation of the expected payment amount, please consult with the Club Treasurer.

How do I join?

Once you’ve decided to join, there are just two simple steps:

1. Completion of a Toastmasters Membership Application form. Request a copy at a meeting or by e-mailing our membership director.

2. Payment of Club Dues (plus new joiner fee if applicable).

You can contact us below:

[email protected]

More information about membership can be requested by contacting us.