Members schedule a speech at the club by requesting a speech via Easyspeak. The Vice President of Education will allocate an available speech slot at a future meeting.

Speakers can then use Pathways Basecamp to help them understand and write their speech. This site is your educational manual, which explains the purpose of each project, what to think about when writing that speech/doing that particular role.  

Speakers follow these steps for their speech:

  1. Log on to Basecamp and select your next project from your educational transcript.  Follow the online presentation which tells you what you need to know to successfully complete that project.  This includes an assessment of your skills/confidence in the area before doing the project.  There are additional pdf resources available for projects (e.g. a speech outline worksheet). 
  2. Print out the evaluation form for your evaluator and bring it to the meeting at which you will deliver your speech. All evaluation resources can be found under “Tutorials and Resources” (top left menu), then “Evaluation Resouces” under the left hand subject menu.
  3. Deliver the speech at the club and get your evaluator to complete the evaluation form.  This is a nice record of your oral evaluation, which can be used to improve future speeches.
  4. Log back on to Basecamp, reopen the educational transcript for the speech you’ve just done and complete the follow up assessment. This then registers that the project is complete (important when it comes to submitting confirmation that you’ve completed a level of that path and qualify for an educational award).
  5. You can then also scan in and store all your evaluations online.  To do this, click on your profile via the picture icon next to the cog icon on the top right, then select E-Portfolio from the menu bar.

For FAQs on Pathways, please click here.