Table Topic Speaker

Table Topics is the very fun, but often slightly nerve-wracking part of the meeting.  The Table Topic Master will ask a question, then call up a member of the audience to answer it – completely unprepared!  Yes a little daunting, but so incredibly useful for all kinds of situations – interviews, meetings and when your boss asks you to make a presentation unexpectedly!

Skills: Impromptu Speaking, Thinking on your Feet, Creativity

Top Tips:

  • Have a go!  Although scary at first, table topics get easier with practice.  So get up on stage and say something, anything.  Don’t worry about what it is – start talking and see what happens.
  • Tell a story.  Stories are shown to be a great way to connect with your audience and often they’re the easiest thing to talk about as you are retelling something you know happened.
  • Implement a structure.  As you get more experienced, your table topic will be clearer if you have a mini speech structure: beginning (answer the question), middle (give your reasons), end (summarise your answer).